State Of Mind = State Of Being

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And So It Begins…

Life is a journey…and an interesting one at that. It is a rocket powered roller coaster: full of twists and turns, dips, highs, and sudden stops. It is rich with the unexpected and the unplanned.
Over the years, I have learned a few things along the way; mostly through trial and error. Many of life’s lessons are taught on the platform of hardship and failure. Many of us learn not to touch the hot stove because we actually DID touch the hot stove! We were burned. Now we are ever so careful anytime we get NEAR a stove! I’m not ignorant though. Some of you all didn’t touch the stove simply because Momma or Big Momma TOLD you not to do it! But the rest of us, the adventurous, gain our insight by going through the process of seeing for ourselves. Even now, at this stage of my existence, l am still learning. Life is a constant teacher, always willing to assign work to test what we’ve supposedly absorbed.


From my experience, I understand that much of the beneficial information I’ve retained came from others. Specifically, through observation and interaction, other people have helped me form much of the perspective I now hold. Recently, I have been exposed to new relationships that have challenged me to review my life and where it is going. I had to ask myself why I hadn’t yet become the person I thought I should be by now. I came to the humbling realization that I was desperately in need of a mindset overhaul. I am a very spiritual person. I’ve read the scripture, Romans 12:2 a trillion times, but it didn’t impact me until just a few months ago. In order to “Be transformed by the renewing of [my] mind”, I was going to have to do some serious introspection. I did that– and determined it was time for a remodel. I was going to have to deconstruct the old me, rebuild the foundation, and build myself back up again. This time around, I would look totally different, remodeled with all the best finishes. One of my favorite TV shows is “The Property Brothers” on HGTV. They like to find residential “fixer-upper” properties in a state of serious disrepair. They go in and demolish the kitchen, the bathrooms, the master bedroom and renovate the place into a dream home. When the job is complete, you don’t even recognize it was the same neglected house. The transformation is so beautiful that your breath is taken from you. That is what I’m after…that Property Brothers before and after moment!

As my family is all important to me, we decided this should be a joint affair. We are all in a state of flux, seeking to be the best we can be. So now, as we traverse this path, I invite you along to join us. We’re not gurus, nor do we purport to have all the answers to achieving success. But we are a work in progress. As I learn and grow, I will share with you the notes from the process. From time to time, my wife and children will contribute to the conversation from their unique experiences and perspectives. I know that every step toward becoming a better person, or toward reaching your goals, starts with a proper mindset. I challenge you to look at your current perceptions and attitudes. If they fail to agree with with the direction you wish to go in life, its time to change them. I propose that we start a dialogue and take these steps together: draw strength, inspiration and motivation from each other and from those that have gone through this process already.

I call it The #Mindset Project...will you take the journey with me?

Mindset Definition

2 thoughts on “State Of Mind = State Of Being

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your post. It feels good to know that others also share the belief that all change is manifested from within. The mind is the vessel that provides transport for the sacred self (heart) or the ego (pride) to manifest conditions in the outside world. And the evidence of your life will clearly show who the frequent traveler is. I recently embarked upon my own self-exploration in a desire to live in my life’s purpose. It has been wonderful. Once I allowed the wanings of my soul to guide me, and trusted the process… my heart began to design rainbows.

    Thank you for this very special writing. It really meant a lot to me today. Happy Journey.

    • Thank you for those words! It really is all about the journey. Keep allowing yourself to trust the process of BECOMING! Be blessed in every endeavor!


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