Never Concede! Never Compromise!

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So, “Never Concede…Never Compromise” What does it mean…to me? There’s so MANY things, ways, and purposes I could speak on indicating what this means, and on so many different levels we could expound on this subject. When I first started working for MSU, my supervisor used to tell me I thought on things too much: that I needed to relax and K.I.S.S…Keep It Simple ‘Shelle:) So in the spirit of greeting you with a Holy Kiss (LOL) –Never Concede…Never Compromise. Simply put: DO NOT GIVE UP!!!  NO matter how many times you fall. No matter what,  or how many things are thrown at you.  No matter the avenues in your life that he attacks…your family, friends, finances, or health.  He’s the same foe with the same tricks…WHICH HAVE ALL BEEN OVERCOME!!!!  Talk to The Lord, cry, devise a plan, get someone to agree with you in prayer, and MOVE FORWARD!  Hard?!  Most Definitely!  Impossible?  No! In all these things we are more than conquerors through himWoman packing and leaving who loved us (Romans 8:37 NIV) . (My favorite book/scriptures to keep me moving forward!)  Romans 8  That passage of Word has Delivered me out of the enemies grip countless times. Although I KNOW we are NOT to become weary in well doing, IF I can be transparent, there comes that time when we get “tired”…well at least I do. I’ll even admit to times in my life when there were so many darts firing at me, I’d contemplated giving up. I don’t know if anyone else ever faced multiple giants during a weary season -when you were already wounded- and thought, “If I give up, he’ll leave me alone.” If I just sit, dormant, he’ll no longer see me as a threat and I can breathe.” My mental stability was on the line and I questioned if I’d ever be whole.  

In the year 2000, my Grandmother passed.  Yes, I believe I will see her again, but it did not dismiss the fact that I wanted…I NEEDED to see her again here on earth.  I still miss her! I was her “Road Dog!”  She could call me at a drop of a hat for a weekend shopping trip to Chicago.  She taught us to be obedient to our parents the old fashioned way! And I APPRECIATE that! To read our Bibles; to continuously learn how to become Virtuous Women;  To Love and Forgive, exhibiting STRENGTH and GRACE in the midst of our trial;  What to wear, when to talk, and when to be silent and allow others to enjoy your presence.  She was a Rose in more than name.  Then, my Entire family was in a car accident where the jaws of life were used to extract them from our minivan.  I KNOW!!  Enough said!  But where I thought I would buckle under the pressure…HE SUSTAINED ME!!!    

There’s a Strong Tower, a voice, a glimpse, a shimmer, His gentle nudge, loving push, a warm breeze that turns me in a direction where I can see More…in all the fog, darkness, through the tears…I see more. We All Do! You know the times when you were in a lonely place, but you stumbled on your favorite scripture, or that one song that Always encouraged you?  Maybe He sent the right person to extend a hand…a hug…an early morning prayer…or Whatever you were in NEED of and with the last bit of strength, you began to SING YOUR HEART OUT…AND RELEASE A GUT PRAISE!!! Then before you knew it, you were not only praising, but PRESSING, RELEASING, PRAYING, and you found yourself COMMUNICATING with a Loving Father who’d been waiting for you to take the focus off you and visit Him. And while you were “down” you realized you could only go UP because your feet were well placed on The Rock…your foundation was built on and in Him!  

Ailey nemSo Love, Insert your Exhale here! This is where you realize it doesn’t hurt so much to breathe, because HE gave you the ability to breathe…to soar and you’re not alone, so let’s do it together. Your days are getting stronger…together, B~R~E~A~T~H~E…now Smile…Now Launch…SOAR like the eagles!  This is why I could Never Concede…Never Compromise…why giving up is NOT an option! With LONG life, I will Satisfy! Yes, it comes with trial and tribulations, BUT our God, our Father, our foundation allows us to be of Good Cheer, reminding us that “I have overcome the world.”  I urge you to find your strength in Him. His Love is what keeps us Motivated! Our Love for Him keeps us Moving Forward! He’s an Awesome Father that ONLY wants the Best for His children! So Fly, Beautiful…FLY!           


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