In the Face of Adversity- Stay the Course!

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Difficulties are a surety.
 Trials are a guarantee. It’s no secret that there are harsh realities of life, that come to distract and dissuade us from our journey. The challenges are coming and they can be fierce. My experience is that whenever you determine to become better, to change and to grow, you WILL be challenged.  The enemy, our adversary, is on the hunt, actively seeking a prey to devour. His only aim is to deter us from our course, by any means necessary!  When we decide to trust God, for anything, he is coming with an all out assault against our faith.In the Face of Adversity- Stay the Course!

This year, the Hall Family experienced it first-hand.  At the beginning of the year, we collectively resolved to pursue our God-given purpose, both as a family and as individuals. For the first time in many years, life felt GOOD!  Have you ever been in that place, where all you do seems to be effortless and prosperous? It’s when you feel like you are firing on all cylinders and everything is running smoothly. That’s how it was for us. Smooth sailing! Then on March 13th, the enemy sent his declaration of war. Taylor, while walking to class at Michigan State University, was struck by a city bus!! Battered, bruised, broken and torn she was the victim of a callous attack by the enemy and his minions. This was a stunning blow to the family. And that is an understatement, to say the least! It shook us to the core. Yet, while the devil sought to obliterate our resolve, it only served to bring us closer together and lean harder on the Lord. For we knew that all things work together for our good and God’s glory. God had us in His hands, strengthening us and upholding us. This was a dirty and unfair jab, but God is greater!

The next attacks were in the marriage and finances. With all of the time and energy directed toward Taylor, the attention to the marriage was, admittedly, neglected. The enemy launched his devices against our relationship.  Arguments, lack of intimacy, and extreme cordiality ensued in epic proportions! Again, he is the master of creating distractions. But we persevered, by recognizing the deception. He tried old faithful next, by attacking the financial situation. Suddenly, unexpected costs were popping up from everywhere. It was all we could do to keep up! RIDICULOUS!!! All of this designed to wear down our strength, create stress, and take our mind off of serving the Lord and fulfilling HIS purpose. But we held on, knowing that Satan is a liar, and the Father if all lies. Nothing he says or does can be considered as TRUE, so why even entertain it? For what can separate us from the love of Christ? NOTHING! We are MORE than Conquerors! We are persuaded, that neither things present, nor things to come, will cause us to walk away from our love and trust in Him! [Romans 8v35-39].

The last few months and weeks have been chock full of life challenges. Even in the health of the children, the enemy is seeking to devour! It has become laughable, to a point, because it is so OBVIOUS what is at work here. The battles come, DAILY. The sneak attacks occur all the time. But they are for naught! Though the weapons are formed against us, they are never going to reach their expected end. When the enemy rushes in like a flood, our God raises up a standard against him! The real key is in how we choose and decide to handle the adversity we face. Too many of us throw up our hands, walk away and give up. Too often, we become INTIMIDATED by the enemy’s bullying tactics. But I want to encourage you to stand firm in your faith and belief. God has given you something IMPORTANT to do. I need you to see it through!  At all cost, in the face of unimaginable hardship you MUST persevere! Don’t give the struggle the victory it seeks. The victory is YOURS!


As long as we keep the proper perspectives, we can endure the challenges and hurdle the obstacles. I am not saying it is easy! Sometimes you have to persist through pain and tears. Sometimes you may find yourself hanging on by just a tiny, fragile thread. But, if your mindset is one of obtaining perpetual victory, you will hold on and fight no matter what it takes. I know it’s hard. I know it hurts. I ALSO know that you can make it through whatever it is you are facing. You are a child of the Most High. Your victory is ASSURED in Him. Now be strong. Be vigilant. Be tenacious. Trust in God and stay the course, my friend. Know that the testing of, and the pressure applied to, your faith is only going to make you stronger! While the enemy wants to tear you down, we want to build you up! The Hall mantra was born from adversity; and I offer it again to you now:

Never Compromise! Never Concede! Never EVER Give Up! GLORY IN CONQUEST!

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