The TOP 5 (or so) HOTTEST TOYS of 2017 That Will SELL OUT!

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These are actually 8 of the TOP HOTTEST TOYS of 2017 that you should BUY NOW! I couldn’t settle on just 5! Every year there seems to be that one toy or gadget that takes the shopping industry by STORM! My most memorable is Tickle Me Elmo! People went CRAZY over that toy, and suppliers were taking full advantage, raising prices by almost 1000%!! Well this year is turning out to be one of those years! We’ve compiled at list of the HOTTEST toys on the market. You need to act NOW before they are no longer available. They are already scarce as it is!

Hottest Toys #1. LUVABELLA by Spin Master

When I first saw this doll on YouTube, I immediately KNEW this would be a best seller for the holidays! They are in very short supply and the price gouging has already begun! I have seen this doll advertised as high as $254.98! Originally, $99 at, Luvabella is becoming very scarce, very quickly! Target HAD some on their website for $89, but has SOLD OUT! Walmart had the Blonde version of Luvabella on pre-order for only $77, but is now OUT! Amazon and may be your best bet to get Luvabella before the shelves are picked CLEAN! The lowest price I’ve seen for the dark brown model is at, for $105 with FREE SHIPPING! (<== Click to see on AMAZON)

Luvabeau and Luvabella are babies with hundreds of lifelike expressions and interactive responses, like the ability to say over a hundred different words in both English and French! Kids love the way these dolls laugh when they’re tickled and fall asleep when they’re rocked.


Hottest Toys #2. Nintendo Switch

Now it is unlikely that the Nintendo Switches will completely run out, but they are already becoming hard to find. Pricing is pretty standard across stores. The Nintendo Switch launched in early March in various markets around the world, and Nintendo is still unable to satisfy demand. It’s likely the console and Switch games are on the Christmas shopping lists of many gamers and/or parents, with many of them looking to take advantage of some hot deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday season.

Pricing is pretty standard across shopping locations. That’s $299.99 for the console only, with no bundled games. Meijer has a deal where you can get $30 toward a future shopping trip with the purchase of a Nintendo Switch. At the time of this post, the console only choices were out of stock, but they are still available in stores. Both Walmart and Amazon are offering the Grey Joy version and the Neon Red and Blue models on their sites with Free shipping. Check out WALMART HERE and AMAZON HERE!


Hottest Toys #3. Meccano-Erector M.A.X. Robotic Interactive Toy with Artificial Intelligence! ON SALE AT WALMART $119.97!! SAVE $30.02!

Robots were NOT this cool when I was a kid! Of the most wanted toys this year, I think MAX is by far the coolest! AND MAX is EXTREMELY POPULAR! First, you build Max out of Meccano parts. Then, Max asks you questions about yourself and what you like. Max learns to interact with you based on those very specific things, and because each child is unique, no two Maxs are alike.

Walmart has THE best offer on MAX that I’ve seen! This is another HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER holiday toy! Act NOW to get the best price on MAX at Walmart. Your little one is sure to have HOURS of creative fun with MAX!


Hottest Toys #4. Shopkins Shoppies Shopville Super Mall!

Say that five times fast! Just this week, Shopkins released its biggest play set to date. It’s called the Shoppies Super Mall! If you already have a collection of little Shopkins and are looking for a place where they can all go shopping together, this is your answer. Amazon had the best price for $56.97 (Reg. $79.99). This is on many TOP 25 toys for 2017 lists, so it is best not to let this deal pass you by!! It is SOOOOO cute, with the little shopping cart and the little stores… (AWWWWWWW!!) I am thinking this would be PERFECT for our grand-baby!

Hottest Toys #5. Disney Frozen Flashing Lights Karaoke Machine $24.99 Reg $79.99 (AT TARGET)

I only put this on the list because of Target’s INCREDIBLE PRICE and in case you get lucky and find one. They slashed this item from $79.99 to only $24.99. Of course, at this price The Disney Frozen Flashing Lights Karaoke Machine is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find at Target! This is the CHEAPEST price on this karaoke machine ANYWHERE! All other shopping outlets are selling at regular price. It is only available in severely limited quantities at select stores. Be prepared to travel to pick one up! Of course, if you end up needing to pay full price, pick it up on Amazon!




Hottest Toys #6. FurReal Roarin Tyler, the Playful Tiger! Only $93.99 at Walmart! SAVE $35.98!

Roarin Tyler, another cool interactive toy, is ready to play and his favorite way to play is to roar. This exotic and fun-loving pet is interactive and makes an adorable gift for a young child. It features large colorful eyes and soft fur that makes it fun to pet. If you make noise he roars back and if you talk to him he responds. This battery operated tiger cub is realistic and reacts to sounds and touch with over 100 different sound-and-motion combinations. If you pet his head and his eyes might close. Pet him on his muzzle and he moves!! It’s like having a fun and playful pet, without the inconvenient night-time walks!

At any price, this is definitely one of the MOST WANTED toys for 2017 and will be hard to find if you wait too long! Get it while it is on SALE at Walmart with Free Shipping, too!


**UPDATE!! It is now available on AMAZON for the same price. If you are already doing your online shopping on Amazon, you may as well get Roaring Tyler while you’re at it! CLICK TO ADD  HIM TO YOUR CART**


Hottest Toys #7. Hatchimals Colleggtibles

What is popular these days sometimes stumps me. But when these Hatchimals came out last year, shoppers depleted inventories at stores across the land! They are BACK this year with even more of a selection. Already the Hatchimals are going FAST! Get yours at various shopping venues. But if you want to save a couple of dollars, SO far Walmart wins out on the best price for this ‘Colleggtible” set! At $7.99 it is the lowest price we’ve seen on these wildly popular toys! CAVEAT: to get the price you have to pick it up. It’s best to order online then pick it up from your preferred store!

Hottest Toys #8. Balloon Bot Battle Family Game

This is the Rock ’em Sock ‘Em Robots of the modern-day! I had a chance to play it and was it ever FUN! It took me back to the days when games were not dependent on a computer or an iPad. In Balloon Bot Battle, two angry-looking balloons enter a boxing ring and punch each other until one POPS!

Balloon Bots are completely safe for players. The bots’ fists have kid-safe abrasive gloves to scratch & pop balloons, but are smooth to the touch. Setting up the next battle is easy, as each Balloon Bot’s base has a built-in balloon tying mechanism that spares your fingers and is easy enough for children to tie on their own. Grab a bag of 7-inch balloons and GAME ON!  Not a bad gift choice for under $20! Find it on Amazon for $18.74! 

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