Never Compromise

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I told you from the beginning that this website would serve as an invitation to join us on a journey to change and growth. I have come to realize that the journey is very phasic. Some stages of the venture move quickly, some move slowly; then there are the points along the way where everything halts. For the sake of transparency, I was in a halted position, contemplating and assessing. I needed to stop, re-calibrate myself and determine if I was truly committed to this process of development. I have taken the time I needed and I am back…with a vengeance.
Our last discussion touched on the subject of concession: specifically “never concede”. I earnestly urged you to never accept defeat in any area of your life. Today, I’d like to delve even further into the Hall Mantra and tell you to Never Compromise.  Most often, when the word “compromise” is used, it is indicative of two or more parties, mutually settling differences or conflicts by agreeing to meet “somewhere in the middle”. Basically, each surrenders a portion of what is truly desired in an attempt to find common ground that is favorable, or acceptable, to all involved. In this regard, compromises are necessary and needful. However, there is a more appropriate definition for our discussion:

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