Never Concede

Several years ago, after going through a particularly difficult experience, the Father gave me a personal challenge: to change my mindset with regard to how I would approach adversity from that point forward.
From this discourse with God, was born the following maxim that would impel me toward a new state of mind:


Over the next few weeks, I’ll delve into the philosophy behind each precept and how our family has been impacted by the Father’s call to a greater mindset. Today, I’ll broach the topic NEVER CONCEDE.

To concede is to yield, admit (defeat), to surrender unconditionally, or give way to a greater force. In life, we all face situations so overwhelming that the option to succumb is more desirable than attempting to persevere. But when it comes to our dreams, goals, faith, desires, discovery of purpose and destiny, concession is NOT AN OPTION. To admit defeat or to surrender is the certain death of everything you and I strive and hope for. When it comes to the life and success of our families, our households, our wives, our husbands, our children…to bow the knee to an enemy that appears more powerful is the first step to bondage and despair. God doesn’t desire these negatives for us. He wants us to experience a life that is ABUNDANT (FULL of victory, FULL of blessing, FULL of increase, FULL of greatness)~John 10:10. Each time we allow ourselves to accept defeat– to CONCEDE loss, we cut ourselves off from the abundance God has for us. When we say the storm is too powerful, or the force against us is too great, we are denying that the Father is more than the world against us ~Rom. 8:31. When we concede, we let ourselves down, as well as those who are pulling for us. I had to come this determination: NO MATTER WHATrefuse to accept defeat and I refuse to ever stop fighting for greatness. For if I choose to fail, the entirety of my future generations could potentially suffer massive, consequential fallout.

Without question, walking this path is completely a MATTER OF PERCEPTION and dependent significantly upon my STATE OF MIND. God directly challenged my mindset one dreary afternoon, and I have never been the same. For anyone struggling with mindset dynamics, I want to encourage you.

  • You can do it.
  • You can make it.
  • You can change your attitude and gain a powerful, new Mindset.

How do I know? I did it, and I fight to maintain it each and every day! It takes getting closer to God. It takes reading books that will motivate you. It takes being surrounded by the right people. It takes being accountable to people you respect for your decisions and actions. This is paramount: it takes having a mind that is resolved to persevere at all costs. If you are in a rough patch of life, I implore you to stay strong and fight until the end! Do NOT  accept defeat! We are WINNERS and are created by God to DOMINATE!!~Gen. 1:26-28.


Let me know your thoughts. Let’s start a dialogue. Remember: we are in this TOGETHER! If I can provide any type of support, I count it an honor to act and  serve.


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