State Of Mind = State Of Being

And So It Begins…

Life is a journey…and an interesting one at that. It is a rocket powered roller coaster: full of twists and turns, dips, highs, and sudden stops. It is rich with the unexpected and the unplanned.
Over the years, I have learned a few things along the way; mostly through trial and error. Many of life’s lessons are taught on the platform of hardship and failure. Many of us learn not to touch the hot stove because we actually DID touch the hot stove! We were burned. Now we are ever so careful anytime we get NEAR a stove! I’m not ignorant though. Some of you all didn’t touch the stove simply because Momma or Big Momma TOLD you not to do it! But the rest of us, the adventurous, gain our insight by going through the process of seeing for ourselves. Even now, at this stage of my existence, l am still learning. Life is a constant teacher, always willing to assign work to test what we’ve supposedly absorbed.

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