25 Best FREE Productivity Apps For Your Android or Apple!

25 Best FREE Productivity Apps for your Android or Apple

Let’s be honest. For the vast majority of us, our lives revolve around our cell phone! With their powerful processors and LTE connectivity, they have become indispensable as personal assistants and productivity aids. If your goal is to BOOST your efficiency to round out 2017 and  be more productive in 2018, we’ve found a collection of mobile apps that are just what you need! From note-taking apps and mobile office suites to calendars, and to-do lists, here are our favorite productivity apps that you can install now on your Android or Apple device.

Slack (Android, iOS: Free)

If you have ever used GroupMe, then you will find Slack to be familiar. Slack (AndroidiOS) takes conventional instant messaging a step further to make a more useful group messaging and coordination tool. Slack covers your IM basics with real-time messaging synced across devices. It also supports file sharing, direct and group messaging tools. In addition, the app features a system of chat channels, allowing you to quickly set up subgroups for task or topic-oriented discussions. Slack archives your communications, allowing you to search through old messages, channels and shared files, and includes integration with a variety of services such as cloud storage, Asana, Zendesk and more. Premium plans are available that provide more features, such as expanded file storage and better app integration.

LastPass (Android, iOS: Free)

Logins. Passwords. UGH. We all have them, and we all find ourselves creating and having to remember more and more of them! Keeping up with all of that information can be frustrating, especially if you forget a login or password!  From what we can tell , this app eliminates the struggle! You never need waste time fiddling with your logins and passwords ever again with the LastPass mobile app. The LastPass Premium app (AndroidiOS) is a password vault, strong password generator and browser all rolled into a single mobile app. Users can sync their password vaults, and then have the LastPass browser automatically fill in forms and login details when surfing the Web and accessing sites. Best of all, LastPass now includes unlimited cross-device password vault syncing to all of its users, FREE OF CHARGE!

Evernote (Android, iOS: Free)

Evernote (AndroidiOS) is one of the premier cross-platform note-taking services, allowing users to take and upload notes, pictures, audio and video snippets and organize them into cloud notebooks that can be synced across different devices. Loaded with powerful organization, formatting and sharing options, Evernote is still king even with competitors such as OneNote and Google Keep. The free version lets users upload 60MB worth of content monthly, with paid accounts allowing more options.

Trello (Android, iOS: Free)

Trello (AndroidiOS) is a highly customizable digital bulletin board that you can use to set up anything from to do lists, tasks, notes and more. Users create “lists,” which are dynamic containers that can be filled with “cards.” These can be anything from tasks, notes, ideas, pictures and more, which you can then drag and drop up and down the line, or move to other lists. All of this can be shared with other users, with provisions for creating new cards, adding comments, and assigning tasks. Check out this video from ThinkMedia TV. Sean sums up Trello’s functionality quite nicely.



Ivacy VPN

Google Drive (Android, iOS: Free)

Google’s cloud storage service, Drive (AndroidiOS), serves as a great productivity aid due to its integration with the rest of the Google ecosystem. Users can easily upload and download any file, and efficient file sharing and collaboration features let you easily work on shared projects collaboratively. Easy configuration of sharing settings, folder structure, quick access to recent files and details, and built-in viewing of documents, PDFs, photos and videos make for a versatile cloud storage tool whatever mobile OS you use.

Dropbox (Android, iOS: Free)

If you feel like Google is just a bit too intrusive, with all of its interconnected products, Dropbox is a time-tested alternative to online storage.  Dropbox lets you store and send photos, docs, videos and other files from any device. You can view your files even when you’re offline, and they’re always synced to all your different devices. There’s also the ability to create and edit Microsoft Office documents from your smart phone or tablet. The app is free, although you can get in-app purchases to boost the amount of storage, for example to 1TB (or even unlimited!) should you need plenty of space.

Notion (Android, iOS: Free)

Notion (AndroidiOS) uses artificial intelligence to help make sense of your email inbox. Notion’s algorithms take into account your email history, learning which messages are important and highlighting them in your inbox for easy reference, while a Radar feature zeroes in on messages that could use urgent replies for maximum productivity. In addition to its search features, customizable notifications, and swipe controls that you can personalize, Notion also includes an Alexa skill that allows you to listen to important emails and organize your messages through Amazon’s smart speaker system. Notion supports Gmail, G Suite, Office 365 and IMAP email services. We have yet to use this one, but are looking FORWARD to putting it to the test!

Accompany (iOS: Free)

Accompany, though it currently has no app for Android OS, brings together calendar and contact management features so you can up your meeting prep A-game. Sign up for the service with your work email account, and Accompany turns itself into your mobile chief of staff, assembling detailed profiles for people and companies in your upcoming events and meetings. You can look up your last communications with contacts, their social media posts, or news stories featuring them, as well as company profiles, financial reports, and news, meaning you’ll never come unprepared. Users can sign up for the open beta in Accompany’s site, and the app is available on iOS or through a web interface. This is a great tool, it just needs to show some love for the Android platform!

MyScript Nebo (Android, iOS: Free)

MyScript’s Nebo is a feature-rich note-taking app built with the iPad and the Apple Pencil in mind. Featuring MyScript’s Interactive Ink technology, Nebo automatically converts your handwritten notes into text, while allowing you to easily format your text, add extras like emphasis, underlining, bullet points, diagrams, mathematical notations, and picture annotation. Users can write equations and calculate or export to LaTeX, export text into Microsoft Office documents or text files, and search through your notes to quickly find something you’ve scribbled down. If you’re more about jotting down notes as opposed to typing them down, MyScript Nebo is an incredibly versatile note taking tool. Get it on Android or iOS. There’s also a Windows 10 version designed to work with the Surface Pen.

My Study Life (Android, iOS: Free)

Having students and being a returning student, this app piqued my interest. Check out My Study Life (AndroidiOS).  Made with students in mind, this cross-platform digital planner helps you keep track of your daily schedule, as well as important dates such as exams, tests and homework deadlines. My Study Life includes numerous academic-oriented features, such as a homework tracker for due and overdue assignments, a calendar with color-coded events, a class schedule manager, notifications and more. This is another MUST TRY app!

PhotoMath (Android, iOS: Free)

Unless you’re a math whiz, understanding and working out the most complex equations or sums can daunting and discouraging. PhotoMath saves the day, letting you solve problems and produce answers just by taking a photo – it does all the hard work for you, and even shows its working step-by-step! Yes, it may feel like cheating, but this comes in handy and helps you learn along the way. You now have a way to divide restaurant bills without having to work a calculator or fry your brain. Find it on Android or iOS!

Cozi (Android, iOS: Free)

One does not ignore greatness. When is comes to calendar apps, Cozi sits atop the pile. When our children were all home and in school, Cozi was our trusted family organizer! Cozi (AndroidiOS) can help busy parents organize all of their family events, appointments and to-dos in one helpful app. Parents can set up a color-coded family calendar, with each colored dot matching a particular family member, with filters for easy sorting. You can set up to-do checklists for individual family members or groups for things like chores, and a shared grocery list and recipe box help with shopping for and planning meals. A built-in journal allows you to easily save pictures and special moments. Your schedules and lists can be synced across multiple devices. If the apps in this post were being rated, Cozi would be in the top 5.

Wave (Android, iOS: Free)

Wave is a free calendar app for Android and iOS devices that covers the bases with a wide variety of features. On the calendars end, Wave comes with a variety of view modes, from hard and fast agenda and list views to all-encompassing daily, weekly and monthly modes. Event creation is a snap (with provisions for programming recurring events), and the app syncs with a variety of calendars such as Google, Facebook and Exchange, as well as Google Tasks. Users can add tags and attachments, take advantage of the built-in invitation manager, and even push event notifications to wearable tech such as Android Wear and Apple Watch.

Cal (Android, iOS: Free)

Cal (AndroidiOS) is the brainchild of the Any.do team, delivering a calendar app that is both functional and gorgeous. Event creation is easy, with Cal attempting to plug-in contact invites and location data based on the event name. You can even sync tasks over from Any.do itself . The clean event, day and month views are displayed in front of a selection of themed pictures, which gives the app a compelling visual flair. If you’re already a heavy Any.do user, this definitely merits a try. Here is a video highlighting some of Cal’s features:

Pocket (Android, iOS: Free)

When you have an incredibly busy home and work life, it’s easy to come across great articles or videos online but not have the time to enjoy them. Pocket lets you save items like videos, articles and e-books so you can access them when you have a spare few minutes at some point in the future. It’s a great way to stay focused and organised. Depending on the version you have, you can create tags to keep everything neat and tidy, or listen to articles with text-to-speech. There’s unlimited storage on offer as well.

RescueTime (Android, iOS: Free)

As they say, time is money, and you can easily waste both by spending most of the day staring at social media feeds and watching videos on Facebook. RescueTime aims to get you to change your ways and avoid bad working habits. It analyses the apps and websites you view the most, and breaks them down into a list so that you know where your time is going. The idea is you can then use this information to set productivity goals. Available on Android, and iOS, the app is free, but the pro version lets you go a step further by blocking specific sites and setting up notifications.


Toggl is similar to RescueTime in that it wants to help you make more efficient use of your time at work and stay productive. It lets you track multiple projects and clients to build a picture of your daily activities. With this information, you can then view graphs and time cards, which is extremely handy if you work on a ‘per hour’ basis. All members of a team can use the app and split items into different categories to avoid confusion. The basic plan is free (Android or iOS) and caters for teams of five members or fewer, but if you need more than this, you’ll have to pay a subscription from $9 a month for the pro version or better.

WPS Office 2016 Free (Android, iOS: Free)

Sometimes it’s nice to have everything in one place. And, in terms of productivity tools, WPS Office offers just that. These days, many phones come with some type of office suite pre-installed. But you should consider WPS Office as an alternative (if you have a similar app already) or as one to download (Android or iOS). It’s an all-in-one app where you can create slide shows, presentations and documents. A number of well-known file formats are supported, including those from Microsoft Office. And you can get cloud support from services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

MyFitnessPal (Android, iOS: Free)

In order to maintain a productive lifestyle, you need to stay healthy, which can be achieved by getting lots of exercise and eating good food. MyFitnessPal helps you get in shape while you battle it out with a busy working and home life. It’s one of the world’s most advanced calorie and dieting apps, with a database of over 5,000,000 foods. To check an item of food or drink, you just scan it using your phone’s camera, and information is pulled from the database. It also syncs with popular devices and services like Fitbit and Apple Health. This is another app that would make the top 5 list, were these being ranked!

Supercharge your productivity!

Productivity, clearly, doesn’t begin and end with apps.

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  1. I recommend trying the iSmart.Life app. This is a very simple and free web app. The application has many useful features: notes, projects, budgets, reports, contacts etc. You can see the demo and decide whether it suits you or not …

    1. Thanks for that recommendation SerhiiG! We’ll definitely check it out. The demo page on the site looks very promising!

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