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The POWER to BECOME rests squarely in your hands
C- Carolyn AY- tAYlor JO- JOsh.. MI- MIchelle NA- NAthan (Dad & Son) RA- kaRA

When I decided to start a consulting business a few years ago, I wanted to choose a name that embodied FAMILY. My wife and children are all important to me, so I wanted the business to encompass that conviction. I must have gone through dozens of ideas, until one day, it came to me. I was doodling and the name just appeared on the page, just as if God Himself wrote it out : CAYJOMINARA!! It was a moment of clarity unlike any other. The website was born of necessity. We are on a journey, together, of self-discovery. We have bought into the idea of being tenacious in our quest. There will be obstacles, there will be difficulties, there will be challenges. Change of this magnitude is never easy. I felt it needful to deviate from normal business to create this forum where we can share the steps of our journey with you, start a dialogue, and hopefully challenge your to chart your own course to an improved mindset and a clear understanding of who you are and what you are here to do.

Meet Team Cayjominara (aka BH7)

Sempre Famiglia!

Taylor Hall

Account Manager

Kara Hall

Artistic Director

Nathan Hall, II

Supportive Specialist

Joshua Z. Hall

Supportive Specialist

Carolyn Hall

Social Media Consultant

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